Current Interviews

A Weird and Beautiful Process: Jay Nebel on Neighbors and the Writing Life

I’ll Love Mountains as Only a Flatlander Can: An Interview with Poet Shaindel Beers 

Never Get Tired of the Little Miracle: An Interview with Poet Alison Pelegrin

An interview with Sandra Simonds by Krysia Orlowski

Don't discard the lowbrow. Don't venerate the highbrow. Find a different path. An Interview with Eduardo C. Corral by Michael Laurenty

Aren't We All Boats in a Terrible Storm? An interview with Marc McKee
by Eric Morris

A Conversation with Kristina Marie Darling, author of The Body is a Little Gilded Cage by Mary Biddinger

Interview with Matt Bell, on fiction writing, small presses, and contemporary awesomeness by Michael Goroff

Interview with Steve Kistulentz, Author of The Luckless Age, Regarding Everything from Reagan to Rolling Rock by Mike Krutel

“You stick a line from a B52s song into the middle of everything”:
A Conversation with David Dodd Lee by Nick Sturm

Special Features

Barn Owl Review celebrates women poets in 2014 with a summer-long series of reviews. Check it out here!

"We call it love when we go together" is a collaborative lyric essay composed, in part, from words found in the anthology American Hybrid.

Authors of this lyric essay: Sharon Cebula, Michael Goroff, Genevieve Jencson, Meg Johnson, Mike Krutel, Britny Kutuchief, Dave Materna, Claire Robinson May, Krysia Orlowski, Katrina Pelow, Mirissa Rini, Sam Snodgrass, Nick Sturm, Elizabeth Tussey

Material handling & curation: Mary Biddinger

Past Interviews

A Conversation with Heather Derr-Smith, author of The Bride Minaret

Persistence, Beer, and Beards: A Conversation with Brian Brodeur, author of Other Latitudes


"The World Did Change for All"
A collaborative poem by Pamela R. Anderson, Alexandra Bentayou, Alyssa Berthiaume, Mary Biddinger, Tara Broeckel-Ooten, Alex Cox, Frank DePoole, Wayne Elliott, Susan Grimm, Shurice Gross, Jennifer Hoffman, Sestina Kappel, Joel Lee, Dave Materna, Eric M. Morris, and Jeremy Sayers (NEOMFA, Craft & Theory: Poetry of the Unexpected)



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