Recent Reviews:

The Crimes of Clara Turlington by Meg Johnson (reviewed by Holly Brown)

Chrono Trigger by Michael P. Williams (reviewed by Jacob Euteneuer)

Earthbound by Ken Baumann (reviewed by Jacob Euteneuer)

Girl-King by Brittany Cavallaro (reviewed by Brew Wilson-Battles)

Palimpsest by Kristina Marie Darling (reviewed by Julie Brooks Barbour)

Irlanda by Espido Freire, tr. Toshiya Kamei (reviewed by Juliana Amir)

Precarious by Allan Peterson (reviewed by Sarah Dravec)

Book of Asters by Sally Rosen Kindred (reviewed by Paul David Adkins)

Danceland by Jennifer Pieroni (reviewed by Jacob Euteneuer)

The Book of Duels by Michael Garriga (reviewed by Eric Morris)

Interrobang by Jessica Piazza (reviewed by Sarah Dravec)

The Girls of Peculiar by Catherine Pierce (reviewed by Mary Biddinger)

The Bottom by Betsy Andrews (reviewed by Sarah Dravec)

Any Anxious Body by Chrissy Kolaya (reviewed by Sarah Dravec)

My Funeral Gondola by Fiona Sze-Lorrain (reviewed by Sarah Dravec)

The Forever Notes by Ethel Rackin (reviewed by Sarah Dravec)

Glass Armonica
by Rebecca Dunham (reviewed by Sarah Dravec)

Vivarium by Natasha Sajé (reviewed by Sarah Dravec)

Mother Box, and Other Tales by Sarah Blackman (reviewed by Jacob Euteneuer)

Phrasebook for the Pleiades by Lorraine Doran (reviewed by Sarah Dravec)

Unexplained Fevers by Jeannine Hall Gailey (reviewed by Julie Brooks Barbour)

The Marriage by Annah Browning (reviewed by Virginia Konchan)

Guinevere in Baltimore by Shelley Puhak (reviewed by Paul David Adkins)

Hurricane Party by Alison Pelegrin (reviewed by Paul David Adkins)

Even Though I Don't Miss You by Chelsea Martin (reviewed by Jacob Euteneuer)

A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry edited by Stacey Lynn Brown and Oliver de la Paz (reviewed by Julie Brooks Barbour)

The Other World by Lucy Biederman (reviewed by Virginia Konchan)

Griftopia by Matt Taibbi (reviewed by Joel Lee)

In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods by Matt Bell (reviewed by Jacob Euteneuer)

The Aversive Clause by B.C. Edwards (reviewed by Jacob Euteneuer)

Big Ray by Michael Kimball (reviewed by Eric Morris)

Sonnets to the Humans by T. Zachary Cotler (reviewed by Genevieve Jencson)

Luminarium by Alex Shakar (reviewed by Joel Lee)

Carnival by Jason Bredle (reviewed by Nathan Kemp)

To the One Who Raped Me by Dustin Brookshire (reviewed by Shaindel Beers)

Chinoiserie by Karen Rigby (reviewed by Rebecca Ligon)

Fire On Her Tongue: An eBook Anthology of Contemporary Women's Poetry Ed. Kelli Russell Agodon & Annette Spaulding-Convy (reviewed by Julie Brooks Barbour)

Daddy's by Lindsay Hunter (reviewed by Michael Goroff)

Clamor by Elyse Fenton (reviewed by Virginia Konchan)

Mother Was a Tragic Girl by Sandra Simonds (reviewed by Jay Robinson)

The Louisiana Purchase by Jim Goar (reviewed by Eric Morris)

Hagar Before the Occupation / Hagar After the Occupation by Amal al-Jubouri (reviewed by Julie Brooks Barbour)

My Love is a Dead Arctic Explorer by Paige Ackerson-Kiely (reviewed by Virginia Konchan)

Fuse by Marc McKee (reviewed by Jay Robinson)

The Silhouettes by Lily Ladewig (reviewed by Jay Robinson)

Our List of Solutions by Carrie Oeding (reviewed by Michael Krutel)

Underdog by Katrina Roberts (reviewed by Susan Grimm)

The Great Frustration by Seth Fried (reviewed by Michael Goroff)

The Lily Will by Melissa Dickey (reviewed by Virginia Konchan)

Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls by Alissa Nutting (reviewed by Michael Goroff)

American Busboy by Matthew Guenette (reviewed by Nathan Kemp)

She Returns to the Floating World by Jeannine Hall Gailey (reviewed by Julie Brooks Barbour)

A Witness in Exile by Brian Spears
(reviewed by Virginia Konchan)

Volt by Alan Heathcock (reviewed by Michael Goroff)

Kingdom Come by John Estes (reviewed by Jay Robinson)

They Could No Longer Contain Themselves: A Collection of Five Flash Fiction Chapbooks (reviewed by Jay Robinson)

Look! Look! Feathers by Mike Young (reviewed by Michael Goroff)

Daughter of Providence by Julie Drew (reviewed by Kate Graham)

The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception by Martha Silano (reviewed by Susan Grimm)

Rust or Go Missing by Lily Brown (reviewed by Rebecca Hazelton)

Le Spleen de Poughkeepsie by Joshua Harmon (reviewed by Nick Sturm)

Us by Michael Kimball (reviewed by Michael Goroff)

Makeshift Instructions for Vigilant Girls by Erika Meitner (reviewed by Jeannine Hall Gailey)

The Grief Performance by Emily Kendal Frey (reviewed by Nick Sturm)

How They Were Found by Matt Bell (reviewed by Michael Goroff)

You Don't Know What You Don't Know by John Bradley (reviewed by Mike Krutel)

Come On All You Ghosts by Matthew Zapruder (reviewed by Nick Sturm)

Ideal Cities by Erika Meitner (reviewed by Matthew Guenette)

Dick of the Dead by Rachel Loden (reviewed by Susan Grimm)

From the Fever-World by Jehanne Dubrow

It is Daylight by Arda Collins (reviewed by Virginia Konchan)

Salvinia Molesta by Victoria Chang (reviewed by Gabriel Welsch)

Stealing Dust by Karen Weyant (reviewed by Gabriel Welsch)

Women Poets on Mentorship edited by Arielle Greenberg and Rachel Zucker (reviewed by Amy Bracken Sparks)

Now You're the Enemy by James Allen Hall (reviewed by Thomas Dukes)

The Bride Minaret by Heather Derr-Smith (reviewed by Pamela R. Anderson)

Theories of Falling by Sandra Beasley
(originally published in Barn Owl Review 2)

The Man Back There and Other Stories by David Crouse
(originally published in Barn Owl Review 2)

Fragment of the Head of a Queen by Cate Marvin
(originally published in Barn Owl Review 1)

Paradise Road by Kirk Nesset
(originally published in Barn Owl Review 1)

Past Reviews:

Compulsions of Silkworms and Bees by Julianna Baggott Theories of Falling by Sandra Beasley Standing in Line for the Beast by Jason Bredle Thirst by Patrick Carrington Salvinia Molesta by Victoria Chang
It is Daylight by Arda Collins
The Man Back There and Other Stories by David Crouse
The Bride Minaret by Heather Derr-Smith Bending Under the Yellow Police Tapes by James Doyle
Lightning and Ashes by John Guzlowski Now You're the Enemy by James Allan Hall Modern Life by Dorothea Harvey This Clumsy Living by Bob Hicok No one belongs here more than you by Miranda July
Awe by Dorothea Lasky Fragment of the Head of a Queen The Endarkenment by Jeffrey McDaniel Paradise Road by Kirk Nesset A Visible Sign by Jeff Newberry
The Invention of the Kaleidoscope by Paisley Rekdal
Stealing Dust by Karen Weyant
The State of the Union: 50 Political Poems
Women Poets on Mentorship

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We are currently not accepting unsolicited reviews, though we do welcome review copies of poetry books. We are especially interested in reviewing first books and small press titles. No matter what we review, our philosophy when it comes to commentary employs the notion that, unlike some contemporary criticism, the reviewed is more significant than the reviewer. In other words, we try to review work deserving of positive press while keeping our comments to 500 words.

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