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Barn Owl Review 1


Kelli Russell Agodon, “Would You Like a Little Piece of Catholic?”

Neil Aitken, “Traveling through the Prairies, I Think of My Father's Voice”

Ivy Alvarez, “Bare”

Nin Andrews, “ Youngstown, Ohio” [click to read]
and “The Year the Mills Closed”

Amanda Auchter, “The Kiss”

Rusty Barnes, “The Shipwreck Bar”

Sandra Beasley, “Proposal”

Jennifer Berney, “ Connecticut Sanctuary for Birds, Lost and Found”

Erin M. Bertram, “[Beat Fast My Heart]”

Patrick Carrington, “On Ropes and Remains”

Adam Clay, “Scientific Method” [click to read]

William Coughlin, “The Great Midwest ”

Melissa Culbertson, “The Oven Widow”

Michael Czyzniejewski, “The Complementary Vessel”

Adam Deutsch, “Laughter”

Emily D. Dressler, “The Drought”

Jehanne Dubrow, “Fragment from a Non-Existent Yiddish Poet”

Denise Duhamel and Amy Lemmon, “Subway Blunder”

Noah Falck, “The Embarrassment Quotient”

Brent Fisk, “Black Olives”

Jeannine Hall Gailey, “Autobiography”

John Gallaher, “Three Panels in Praise of Damage Control” [click to read]
and “Caution to the Wind”

Richard Garcia, “The Boxes”

Jessi Lee Gaylord, “Bedtime Story for Junkyard Hearts”

Do Gentry, “The Object”

Bernadette Geyer, “The Sword Swallower Finds a New Calling”

Brent Goodman, “Lice” 53

Jessica Greenbaum, “June Treehouse”

Susan Grimm, “Eating Local”

Shurice Gross, “Parable of the Rain Dance”

John Guzlowski, “Larizza Szporluk Reads Her Poems Aloud”

Anne Haines, “Surviving the Fairy Tale”

Karen Hausdoerffer, “Stoplight”

Brandi Homan, “Another Poem that Means I Miss Him”

Jessica Jewell, “The Book of Saints”

Leonard Kress, “Revolution in the Revolution”

Jenifer Browne Lawrence, “About the Overturned Dish”

Alex Lemon, “Yet I Ride the Little Horse” [click to read]

Rebecca Loudon, “The Angels Bake the Bread”

Louise Mathias, “The Canary”

Clay Matthews, “Self-Portrait as an Aging Human Type”

Nathan McClain, “Aubade, with a View of the Parking Lot”

Gary L. McDowell, “On the Death of Houdini”

Helena Mesa, “Apologia for Dating a Marxist”

Corey Mesler, “It was a Test was What They Told Us” [click to read]

Wayne Miller, “Street Fight”

Natasha Kochicheril Moni, “Revealing the Inner Barnyard”

Steve Mueske, “Poem with Other Words in It”

Jeff Newberry, “Transposition” and “Fishing the Bridge”

Julie Platt, “The Memory Auctioneer's Last Call”

Stephany Prodromides, “Pier Song”

Susan Rich, “‘Tender”

Renée Ruderman, “Wallpaper Women”

F. Daniel Rzicznek, “Vesper Inquiry”

Steven D. Schroeder, “Commencement Address Penned on a Bar Napkin”

Peter Jay Shippy, “The Late 70's” [click to read]

Sarah Sloat, “Newly Wed”

Amy Bracken Sparks , “Don't Try This At Home”

Matthew Thorburn, “Driving Out to Innisfree”

Joshua Weber, “Momentum”

Debbie Yee, “I Hesitate to Convey to You the Importance of Cornbread”

Susan Yount, “The Year the Cows Headed toward Town”